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Introduction to Racial Equity


The Introduction to Racial Equity module introduces the concepts of racial equity and racial healing within the context of California State University, Fullerton. Its intention is to raise individual awareness of these topics and explore how each person has a role in fostering an inclusive campus culture. The target audience is all students, staff, and faculty at CSUF.

As an employee of CSUF in the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Programs (DIEP), it was my responsibility to take content from the live sessions and create self-paced digital modules. These modules provide an alternative option for those who prefer to experience content at their own pace rather than in a real-time live session context.

Note: I’m unable to share this module in its entirety (NDA). However, I have permission to share some excerpts on this page to help provide a glimpse into the module, which is now live at California State University, Fullerton.

To learn more about the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Programs at CSUF, please visit

My Role

Design and development of this digital module, from initialization to launch and post-launch maintenance. This involved collaboration with subject matter experts, analyzing content, producing storyboards, and the creation, editing, integration, and accessibility of audio, video, photos, illustrations, quizzes, and activities.


Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, HandBrake


Desktop, tablet, mobile


Summer 2021


Introduction (video)

Click the start button below to view.

Learning Objectives (screenshot)

These learning objectives display descriptions of what learners will be able to do by the end of the learning activity.

screenshot of Module Learning Objectives

Racial Healing Framework (video)

In this clip, the narrator introduces how the content is broken down. It discusses the racial healing framework, which contains four pillars: Uncovering History, Making Connections, Working Toward Healing, and Taking Action. Click the start button below to view.

Uncovering History (video)

In this clip, the narrator describes some of the history of discrimination and racism in Orange County, as well as at CSUF in particular. This module sheds light on some of the darker parts of society in order to create a greater awareness of racial equity issues at CSUF. This helps promote a better understanding of how together, we can form a more inclusive campus climate. Click the start button below to view.

Quiz Question Example (screenshot)

This module contains formative assessment questions. Each quiz question is meant to assess and reinforce learner's achievement of the learning objectives.

screenshot of Module Quiz Question


I collaborated with CSUF’s IT Department, Employee Training Center, and Disability Support Services to ensure all e-Learning followed accessibility requirements and launched smoothly on CSUF’s LMS, Canvas. The following contributed to Section 508 compliance.

• color contrast for text

• images include alt text

• text transcript is available for all audio on each screen

• closed-captioning is available for all audio on each screen

• alternate text-only version Word document of the entire module

• focus/tab order is optimized and intuitive for screen readers and keyboard-only users

Additional Features (screenshots)

The GLOSSARY tab lists key terms found throughout the module.

screenshot of Module Glossary

The RESOURCES tab includes helpful links and documents referenced in the module.

screenshot of Module Resources

The TRANSCRIPT tab displays the audio content in text form.

screenshot of Module Transcript
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