Person using computer with Mayer's principles learning module on screen

Mayer's Principles of Multimedia Learning


The objective of the principles product is to introduce new instructional designers to some best practices to consider when designing digital multimedia instructional lessons or training. This product includes all fifteen of Richard Mayer’s principles of multimedia learning from Multimedia Learning (2021). These principles provide guidance for creating effective multimedia learning experiences.

The product’s goal is to introduce these principles to designers and support their understanding with examples and assessments. It’s meant to serve not only as a one-time lesson, but also as a reference tool, and its design reflects this. It was designed and developed with guidance provided by research of the target audience, relevant learning theories, and input from subject matter experts.


An interactive, digital module that introduces Mayer's principles of multimedia learning

My Role

Complete creation of the module


Articulate Storyline, Photoshop, Sketch


Desktop, tablet, mobile

Project Length

About 3 months (includes research time)


Spring, 2021

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